Why join HEU

When you become a member of HEU, you are never without the backing or resources you need to protect your rights. Instead of being forced to deal with an employer alone, unionized workers have a strong voice in negotiating the conditions of their employment and protecting their rights on the job.

A collective agreement is a powerful tool that safeguards you and your co-workers from unfair treatment, discrimination and disrespect. It is a legally-binding contract that covers all aspects of your working life and provides you with a grievance and arbitration process to resolve workplace disputes.

HEU members can also access a wide range of benefits and resources including strong service representation, education and training opportunities, health and safety support, WCB advocacy, and more.

Find out more about HEU by checking out other sections of this website, reading our award-winning newsmagazine the Guardian, or request a new members’ kit from your local executive.