HEU Convention

HEU's convention takes place every even-numbered year. The next convention will be in 2024.

How to be a convention delegate

If you're hoping to attend HEU's next convention as a delegate, there are a number of steps to take in advance of convention.

Road map to convention
Eligibility to be convention delegate
  • You must be elected by your local at a local meeting (with quoram)
  • You must have attended at least half of the regular local meetings in the last 12 months before being nominated (or have submitted notices for meetings missed);
  • If no eligible members want to be a delegate, ineligible members may run to be a delegate.

For more details about eligibility, see Article 4 of HEU's Constitution and By-Laws.

What are DVPs?

Learn more about the new Diversity Vice-Presidents (DVP) positions on HEU's Provincial Executive and how they'll be elected.