How to apply

If you’re interested in taking any of HEU’s education courses currently being offered, here’s what to do.

Find the course you’d like to attend

Check out the workshops page. Here you can search to see which workshops are currently accepting applications. You can also search for workshops in different topic areas.

See all current workshops

Find the right workshop for you

Each workshop will include a description of what you can expect to learn and experience.

Workshops that are accepting applications will include an Information Letter that describes any special criteria for applicants. For example, you may need to be a shop steward to take a training, or a course may be open only to members of an equity-seeking group.

Apply for the course

Fill out the application for the workshop using the PDF form on the workshop’s description page. You can fill it out on your computer or device, or you can print it and fill it out by hand.

To ensure your application is considered, be sure to fill in all requested information.

Send in your application form by email, fax or mail by the deadline stated on the form. Some workshops may have a slightly different application process and this will be detailed in the Information Letter. Some applications may need an endorsement from your local executive.

After being accepted, apply for union leave

If you are accepted to take the course, the HEU education department will notify you by sending you an email confirmation and Expense Letter.

The next step is to ask your employer for union leave if the workshop takes place during your work hours. The process to apply for union leave will vary from employer to employer (for instance, some employers will have a union leave form).

If your union leave is approved

An Expense Voucher will be included with your acceptance confirmation. Fill it out and send it to HEU’s finance department at Please be sure to include your name, worksite and work hours. Detailed information, including a voucher form, will be included in your Expense Letter.

If you need other supports to participate in the workshop, like dependent care, please email to get pre-approval.

Preparing for your workshop

You’ll be receiving communications from the education department with instructions.

If you’re attending an in-person meeting, you will contact the education department to book your hotel accommodation, and WE Travel if you need to book airline tickets.

For online Zoom workshops, you will be sent a Zoom meeting link by email.

Questions? You may find an answer here.

Why didn’t my application get accepted?

There are often more applicants to a course than space allows. When this happens, the education department makes a selection based on a number of considerations that may vary from course to course.

The following are considerations that may apply in the selection process:

  • Your worksite and region. We try to ensure representation across regions and worksites.
  • Your role at your local. Some workshops are designated for members with particular role such as local officers, stewards or JOHS Committee members. Each workshop that is open for applications will have an information letter that describes any special criteria for participants. Please see the information letter in the individual workshop description.
  • Whether or not you belong to an equity-seeking group. Some courses are designated for members of equity-seeking groups, while others may prioritize participation from equity-seeking group members because of the workshop content.
  • How many courses you’ve taken or your experience level. Some courses are designed for new members while others are for more experienced members.
What happens if my application to a workshop isn’t accepted?

Applicants will be contacted by email or mail about whether or not their application is accepted. You may consider reapplying to the course at a future date. If you have further questions or concerns about your denial, please contact the Education department at

What happens if my application for union leave isn’t accepted by my employer?

If you are having problems getting union leave from your employer, please contact your shop steward to determine if the denial is reasonable. In some cases, union leave isn’t granted because the employer cannot fill the position.