Health and safety education

OH&S Introduction for JOHS Committee members

Each year, HEU offers a union-paid, two-day workshop for Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members.

Participants learn how to apply the Workers' Compensation Act and the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation to protect workers’ rights and ensure safe workplaces. They also learn about the duties and responsibilities carried out by local health and safety committees.

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Other health and safety workshops

The B.C. Federation of Labour offers courses (funded and approved by WorkSafeBC) through its Health and Safety Centre to educate OH&S committees, representatives and workers on health and safety issues in their workplace.

These courses are available to HEU members who sit on joint occupational health and safety committees. Registration and wage replacement are covered by the employer, not by the union. Members who wish to attend courses must get authorization from their employer to apply and attend.

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