Local Project Fund

Did you know that you have access to funding from the union for events, projects or campaigns for your local?

Projects could include:

  • Improving communication networks at the local level – finding out “how best to keep in touch”, or “what do members want to know?”
  • Finding ways to involve more members in various union activities and to keep them interested and engaged.
  • Implementing a mentoring system that will assist in developing skills of new or young activists.
  • How to connect with the broader community and other organizations.
  • How your local can get more involved in your own community, maybe sponsor a sports team, help organize a Pride event, Red Dress event, collect food items for the local food bank, or plant an HEU community garden plot.

Applications will be considered based on specific local needs. 

Initiatives should benefit your local and in turn, HEU as a whole. We encourage you to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

Locals are responsible for filling out the Local Project Fund application form and providing details on the purpose of the project, including goals and objectives, start and end dates, and a proposed budget.

On completion of a project or campaign, locals must report the results, both successes and shortcomings, including a final financial statement, within two months of completion of the project. It is anticipated that the majority of projects would occur within a single fiscal year.

Watch this webinar for local executives, giving an overview of the fund and examples of successful projects.