Disaster relief fund

HEU has a disaster relief fund to provide short-term financial relief to members who are personally impacted by weather-related disasters such as floods and wildfires within B.C. 

HEU members can apply for $500. The funds can supplement any other assistance the member receives through the Red Cross or other disaster relief agencies, or from government authorities. 

The funds may be used to offset costs associated with evacuation including shelter, food, and transportation costs.

Transportation or other costs related to changes in your worksite location should be explored with your employer.


Applications for support are reviewed and approved by the union’s financial secretary and trustees. Their decisions are final and subject to available funds. 

Only one application per household per disaster event will be considered for costs related to disasters, on or after May 1, 2024. 

Applications must be submitted no later than 1 month after the event. For example, if you were evacuated from August 22 until September 5, you must apply no later than October 5.

Other Supports

Members may want to explore these additional supports: 

Province of British Columbia Emergency Support Services - Emergency support services provides short-term basic support to people impacted by disasters. 

Red Cross Emergency and Disaster Services - The Red Cross often provides vital services to the public during an emergency.

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