How bargaining works

Who takes part in HEU bargaining?

HEU members are represented at the negotiating table by a bargaining committee, a group of members democratically elected at a local meeting or conference. The committee is supported by HEU bargaining staff.

The bargaining committee represents your “bargaining unit” – a group of workers who are covered by a single collective agreement.

At its simplest, a bargaining unit can be one workplace with a single employer.

In other cases, workers in different facilities – and even in different unions – are joined into a bargaining association.

These workers are covered by a single collective agreement, and representatives from the different work sites and unions work together to bargain with the employer.

Most HEU members are part of the Facilities Bargaining Association.  

There are other bargaining associations that some HEU members belong to – the two main ones are the Community Bargaining Association (CBA) and the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA).

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About 11,000 HEU members work at facilities operated by for-profit companies and non-profit agencies who are not affiliated with the health authorities. We call this our independent sector.

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