Transforming Workplace Conflict

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This workshop is for local leaders who are currently dealing with conflict and want to gain skills and practice techniques to be more effective at transforming conflict.

Dealing with conflict at your workplace or within your local union team can be challenging, but if addressed effectively it can lead to greater solidarity.

This online workshop is a combination of HEU’s “Essential Skills for Transforming Workplace Conflict into Union Activism,” paired with Anima Leadership’s “Brave Conversations- Transforming Workplace Conflict.”

During four days of online sessions, through a variety of interactive activities and information sharing, participants will:

  • Reflect on ideas and feelings around conflict and how they respond
  • Gain a better understanding of different styles for dealing with conflict, and identify their go-to style
  • Practice skills for deep listening and communicating 
  • Explore techniques to respond more effectively 
  • Consider the nature and cultural dynamics of conflict
  • Explore the role that power and our social identity plays in conflict situations
  • Learn about conflict models and use these models to practice moving from positions of interest to generating options for solutions.
  • Explore ways of transforming conflicts into union activism
  • Play with images, stories and metaphors to navigate conflict  
  • Have time to restore and re-energize

This workshop is made up of five full-day sessions spread out over a four-week period. Participants must be available to attend all five days from 9:30 am – 3:45 pm.

Deadline to apply: April 3, 2023

Session 1: May 3
Session 2: May 4
Session 3: May 11
Session 4: May 18
Session 5: May 25

You may apply in one of two ways:

  1. Download the fillable PDF and send by email, mail or fax, or
  2. Submit your application directly using the online application form

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