HEU Votes: Provincial Election 2024

HEU members
The provincial election on October 19, 2024 is important for health care workers.

We’ve made important gains for public health care and HEU members over the past seven years with a worker-friendly government. But, with the upcoming election, all this progress could be undone. It could make life harder with lower wages, cuts and privatization. That’s why we’re running the HEU Votes campaign to get members to vote for health care.

Over the years, we’ve achieved many victories for health care workers as a union, like pay equity, reversing privatization, wage levelling and investments in health care. We’ve done it all through collective action. But we make progress when we can work with a provincial government that listens to workers.

That's why using our collective strength and getting involved in the provincial election is the best way to support public health care, and make progress on the issues that matter most for HEU members.

HEU Votes 2024 is a campaign to get HEU members involved in the 2024 provincial election.

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