HEU Provincial Executive 2024-2026 Elections

At HEU’s 34th biennial convention, scheduled October 20 – 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre East, delegates will elect 26 members to the Provincial Executive (P.E.). The P.E. governs our union between conventions. There are 27 members on the P.E. but the Senior Trustee-Elect is a four-year term.

The HEU Constitution and By-Laws set out a process for convention delegates, who are interested in running for a position on the Provincial Executive (P.E.), to “submit their photograph, brief biographies, and maximum 200-word candidate statement…” 90 days before the convention.

It’s important to note that participating in this process is not a requirement for those delegates who wish to seek election.

Brief biographies are limited to 100 words, while candidate statements are limited to 200 words. Light editing for spelling and grammar will be provided by Provincial Office staff, but not the content. The word limit is strictly enforced.

The online submission deadline is Tuesday, July 23 at 5:00 p.m. as per the HEU constitution.

Please note: any HEU delegate can seek nomination for election at convention, whether or not they have submitted a statement by the July 23 deadline.

You must be a delegate to the HEU convention in order to run for election to the Provincial Executive. You can find a description of the roles of the P.E. positions in Article 7 of the constitution.

Read the HEU Constitution and By-Laws

The 26 positions that will be elected at the 2024 convention are:

Financial Secretary
1st Vice-President
2nd Vice-President
3rd Vice-President
Senior Trustee-Elect

Regional Vice-Presidents:

Fraser (3 positions)
Interior (3 positions)
Northern (2 positions)
Vancouver Coastal (3 positions)
Vancouver Island (2 positions)

Diversity Vice-Presidents:

Ethnic Diversity
Indigenous Peoples
People with Disabilities
Pink Triangle
2-Spirit, Women & Non-Binary
Young Workers

SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 5:00 PM.

DISCLAIMER: You must be a delegate to convention to run for a position on the Provincial Executive. If your local has not yet elected delegates and you wish to run for the P.E., please submit this form by the July 23 deadline. You can withdraw it afterwards if you are not selected by your local as a convention delegate.

In years
Union and local experience

 (maximum 100 words) 

What would you like to share with delegates about yourself, your HEU job, your union activism, hobbies and interests?

One file only.
4 GB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, tiff, jpeg, .

 (maximum 200 words) 

This is your opportunity to tell HEU convention delegates why you want to be elected to the 2024-2026 Provincial Executive

This could include your vision for the union over the next two years; what special skills, passion or experience you bring with you, etc.